Divine Details: Bible Cover - Teal Butterfly - Ecclesiastes 3:11


Our Divine Details collection of Bible Covers feature intricate embellishments and fine hot stamp designs, putting this collection in a category all its own. Each fashion Bible cover has a wrap-around zippered closure, spine carrying handle, and a sewn-in ribbon bookmark. 

Inside Dimensions:
XXL: fits Bibles up to 11.5" x 8" x 2.25"
X-Large: fits Bibles up to 10" X 7" X 1.50"
Large: fits Bibles up to 9" X 6.25" X 1.25"
Medium: fits Bibles up to 8.25" x 5.50" x 1"

Material: PU

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cathy L. Smith

I bought this same bible cover -bought it when I lost my job 10 yrs ago. Yet- when just a few weeks later to get a 2nd one for someone else- they told me the didn't even have a record that they ever had one- that I must have bought it some where else
I was not happy with them at the store...

I loved it and kept using it until eventually it wore out this year . Imagine my gratefulness when I went online and only put "bible cover"with a butterfly and Ecc 3:11 the verse that God gave me just before. I was contemplating marriage with a very kind nice gentlemen that worked for the same company as I did ...We married and are together 18 years later. I took a shot at finding the same bible cover- because of these sweet memories - so these many years later I was SO GRATEFUL to have found you!

I lost my job during that period as well- the butterfly is a simple way God often uses to get my attention that there was more to come into my life .a bonus ...a butterfly etching is on the front of your bible cover- LOVE IT

The Bible cover is a sweet memory of our new beginnings and later a new job - and the bible that I still use...now has you brand new beautiful cover that looks just like my older beat up one..

My story and your Bible Cover intertwined - God often sends butterflies into my life when some thing in my life when something hurts alot -When I lost my job just once He gave me a swarm of about 300 of them while walking down a country road with my hubby .....in my tears of loss and I stopped dead in my tracks - when 50ish of them broke away and came near to me as I walked then a few minutes later - one single little yellow butterfly came out from the 50 and landed gently on my shoe- Scare I would hurt it I sat there and waited 3 min before it left my foot and fly away The peace I felt was amazing and I have kept my butterfly bible cover all this time.

Now I have the same exact bible cover- from you....thank you- for helping me to carry the new one as a treasured friend......
Ecc: 3:11 on your bible cover ( a dear friend) is He will make everything beautiful in it's time

Thank you so very much for - helping me find my treasured butterfly bible cover again and in my fav color (teal)
I feel like my long lost friend was found again- means alot! Thank you so much - I loved my brand new (Just like my old bible cover as I never dreamed I would ever find it again
SOOOO happy you had it!

Warmly, Cathy McCafferty- Smith- Author of CareerMap: Discover your unique purpose !

Penny J
Lovely & very unique.

This fits my super giant print bible perfectly and I am so happy to have a protective cover for it that is so beautiful. Packaged well, arrived without scuffs or marks. Super fast shipping with tracking. Will certainly order again as needed.

Joyce Griffith

I am very happy with my new cover. It is beautiful and a perfect fit for my Bible. I appreciate how quickly it came and would be happy to make another purchase in the future.

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